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[2021] Playlist optimisation for Spotify

[2021] Mapping Melbourne's cycling infrastructure with OpenLayers 🚴

[2021] Extracting Colour Palettes with Unsupervised Learning 🎨

[2021] Agent based modelling exploration

[2020] Statistical analysis of service deserts in Victoria: report, code 📈

[2020] SortStream ML powered document sorting

[2020] DocDump text and document metadata extraction

[2020] Automated data exploration in R: code: Titanic example Economic example

[2019] Unsupervised ML image embedding to measure art style and visual similarity

[2019] Dimensionality reduction for art style embeddings

[2019] Navigation App for Urban Cyclists: Write up Code "The Submarine" feature 🚴

[2019] Exploration of ML Document Classification Techniques - Code

[2019] Interacting agent simulation and statistical physics to model fashion epidemics 🤖

[2019] Deep Dream implementation in Keras

[2018] A replication and extension of the paper "The Impact of Economic Conditions on Participation in Disability Programs: Evidence from the Coal Boom and Bust"

[2018] Economic and financial market evaluation with similarity methods

[2018] How Animal Investors Beat the Market

[2018] URL Sketchifier: Give your urls a look that Gmail will flag as suspicious

[2018] Logistic Regression — Understanding Explainable AI: write up code

[2018] Decision Trees — Understanding Explainable AI: write up code 🌳

[2018] Building Google's art and culture portrait matcher

[2018] Analysing bird flight by merging videos in MATLAB

[2017] Developing a compass web app with mobile sensor integration

[2017] Developing autoencoders for image correction

[2017] Mini-max algorithm for Connect 4

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